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New ways to make online friends

Friends are people with whom we can share both good and bad times. However, not all friends are worth keeping. Getting the right type of friends is very important in life. Friends can advise on many problems that a person may be facing such as work related issues or computer related problems. He or she can help in selecting right type of equipment or treatment, and save loads of monies.

Real life friends are there to be by your side when there is any crisis but over the years working hours have increased. More than working hours, it is commuting that eats away time. Life has become quite hectic so keeping in touch with real life friends like we used to when we were young has become a tough ask.

Internet provides a good way to keep in touch with friends. Social networking sites in particular help friends keep in touch with each other. It is also necessary to increase the online friend circle as meeting real life friends is indeed becoming rare with times. These online friends can help in reducing stress and may have some solution to offer.

To develop friends on social network sites, it would be worthwhile asking a couple of existing friends from real life or otherwise to join the site. This helps in knowing who their friends are, and adding new friends. Most popular social networking sites are Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, myLot, etc. These allow the users to interact briefly with each other, effectively keeping in touch with many friends simultaneously.

It is also possible to ask a stranger to be your friend. It would, of course, depend upon the stranger, whether or not to accept your friendship. Websites like myLot score there. They give an insight on how the stranger thinks or what his or her interests are, through any responses that this stranger might have posted.

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