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My School Friend

by Rajni

My dear school friend for over 12 years is the only friend close to my heart. I was in 11th grade then and we became friends on first day of our higher secondary school. We did lot of things together, bunking classes to visit the new clothing brand opened in the local or watching movie at the theater. We even compromised with our studies just to hang around together.

Our parents were really troubled with our friendship and started looking for ways to separate us. They were unsuccessful in the first two years but after School we parted, she failed her exams and went to another city to pursue vocational courses and I passed my 12th grade and started on with my college. She never forgot me neither did I, She used to call me every few months, sometimes I wouldn’t take her call because of heavy schedule of my studies and part time job with the college, but she never showed any ignorance, she understood and ignored my behaviors.

But it was only when I fell sick for almost 2 years that I realized who she was to me. She couldn’t leave college but she did come to meet me and stayed with me. She listened to me and encouraged me. She would always call me and inquire about my health every few days until I was fully recovered. And again when my parents were looking for a groom for me she was the one who supported me to be open to proposals and reject if I didn’t like someone my parents suggested, that’s how marriages happen in India. I haven’t got married yet.

She is my best and true friend. She was always there in my sickness, in my happiness, in my sorrows. Even when she couldn’t come to see me she was always there to listen to me. She knew all my secrets and kept them. She did tell me what was wrong and what was right that I had been doing and she even told me to change and move on. She never condemned me but always corrected me.

A good friend is someone who we can trust, who we confide in, who encourages us, who corrects us, who loves us for who we are and who truly cares. She is truly an indispensable treasure to me.

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