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My Friends are a Gift from God

by Joshua
(Kenya )

My Friends are a Gift from God:
Thanks to Social Networking Sites

I cherish my friends and I have quite a number of them. When in college, my friends inspired me. I can't forget how they made me laugh. Laugh and laugh till I couldn't help it holding tears back from running down my cheeks. They made me realize the importance of life during my downfall moments. Oh yeah, when I stumbled they were there very much willingly in getting me back to my feet again.

My Friends are a Gift from GodI see my friends as the greatest gift send by God in my life. Have I mentioned how they send me gifts during my birthday?

I was very much surprised by their unexpected gifts- from birthday cards; even some of them used social networking sites to send me electronic gifts such as cakes etc. I have always nurtured this friendship by doing the same.

At one time, our friendship was almost ruined by distance. You see, after graduation we all got scattered. Some got employed in different parts of the country while others went to work in foreign countries. Thanks to people who developed social networking sites! They have so far enabled me to get in touch with all of my friends. I chat with them always, so I have got little feelings of missing them, if at all. With social networking sites, it is as if I am with them physically.

I usually surprise them with gifts, friendship quotes, friendship jokes and friendship poems. What about uploads of my recent photos? These photos have really boosted me in making new friends. Although I get friendship requests from people who I don't know, but I never ignore such requests. Such friendship has enriched my life in many ways.

So, if you get online friendship requests from people who you refer as strangers don't ignore them, just accept and see if such friendship can enrich your life. Of course, not all online people are bad and as such, there are many of them who are after networking in order to benefit from it. They want to network with people who happen to share the same interests as theirs.

However, if you want to network easily, it is advisable to state in your profile what your interests in life are and what you do for a living. Your profile photo should be attractive. And of all these, never post messages that are likely to hurt the feelings of others. I mean words that are negative and which don't cheer up people's spirit by inspiring them. The truth is no one will be willing to be associated with a person whose mind is full of negative thoughts. You got it today, go ahead and make lots of friends. Have lots of fun with them :)

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