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My College Re-union

by yummy

In this nice reunion we danced on the song sway with me... it was awesome song that kept us having a lot of memories and a lot of good thing to remember. Yes actually it was all coming back to us, the mode was very elevated, the spirits were high.

Long live the reunion of our friends, yes yes....we danced and started to clap our hands with the rhythm of the music. The lights were flashing, actually was blurring our vision, but this is not important.

The important thing that we had fun and enjoyed our time.

There was also video recordings and photos taken by the cameras, the girls danced and made a good mode for the party. After twenty four hours in the same good mood of the party, I actually want to have another reunion and a get together party as soon as possible. I want to stay awake all the night and the day to party and party all over again and again...

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