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My Best Friend - Story About True Love

by Anon

This is a story about true love, great friendship and ultimate happiness in what is really un-unusual situation. I’d like to think it is a "happily ever after" type of story, but in all honesty since I am still in the midst of this story it is impossible for me to say if it will have a happy ending or not. Right now the outlook looks very positive, though!

This story begins ten years ago in 2000.

I had joined a social group. At the same time, a man named Bob, who was originally part of this same group, had moved away for a job relocation. By all accounts, we should never have met. But we did meet. How? Despite moving for his job, his job required him to travel back to my general area several times a year for training, meetings, and other work-related events.

Whenever Bob would be in town, he always made a point to get together with this particular group of friends. As a result, I got to meet him and spend time with him at these events.

We hit it off immediately.

Bob and I share a very similar sense of humor and always had great fun talking and laughing together. Our other friends often commented that Bob and I were very similar in personalities. To some extend this is true – we both love humor and having fun and being kind and caring – but in other aspects we are very different. But those differences only seemed to make our friendship stronger and better suited for each other.

I really began to treasure the time we spent together, and we also started communicating a lot between his visits by using email.

Bob and I started spending more and more time talking to each other and spending time together, away from the rest of the group, during his visits. We truly became best friends. I loved him, but would never act on that due to a variety of other factors. Apparently Bob felt the same way, because three years ago he approached me about having a more serious, romantic relationship. I fully agreed!

Long-term, long-distance relationship

Despite being in a long-term, long-distance relationship I am happier than I have ever been. Bob is my best friend. He lifts me up daily and has shown me that the world is full of good, kindhearted people. Before meeting Bob I was depressed and now I am happy and optimistic about the future.

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