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Most Men Venturing into Online Dating

by S.Gayathri

Most men venturing into online dating invariably feed information which is not true. This, I believe, is mainly because they feel compelled to impress womenfolk.

They want to be considered as "the perfect man" that any woman wants in her life. But they fail to understand that women, these days, are more interested in men who reveal their true selves, even if they are just a plain guy. Some women may be impressed with the initial data provided by a man but sooner or later, when they find out the truth, they are going to be bitterly disappointed.

Even though the man may not have deliberate intentions of misleading his women, it is not going to be easy for him to explain himself.

So much for being truthful, being faithful is altogether a different phenomena. Majority of men tend to stay faithful when they are in a relationship, especially in the early stages.

While there may be some men who are not serious about their relationships, most men are looking for a stable relationship and are seldom willing to risk it.

But like in all aspects of life, there are bound to be exceptions to everything. Barring the initial attempt to impress members of the fairer sex, most men remain truthful and faithful to their partners.

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