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Most men have a shade of conceit in them

by Lata Vijaya Raghavan
(Bangalore, India)

When men talk about themselves in an effort to win girls, they are a little apprehensive. They are worried that if they fail to project a perfect image, they may end up being losers. That is why; you will come across most men being a little conceited.

In the present times, where most women are as good as men if not better in many areas, men are always on a shaky ground, which makes them feel a little insecure. Apart from this, they are so used to being pampered by their moms during their growing years; they would like to look for somebody who will sing their praises. If their wives or girl friends don't do that, they will look for it elsewhere. That's all. You will come across more serious and down to earth men too, but the majority fit the bill explained above.

Women, on their part, have become more responsible and selective about their men. Once they are out of their teens, they would prefer to go for such men who are honest, open-minded and admit their weaknesses with elan, if any. They would like their men to be dignified, confident, and well turned-out – without looking overdressed - be romantic and talk less, but with sincerity.

They would like their men to compliment them, but not flatter them. Most importantly, men will remain faithful to their girls if the women did not always try to outsmart them. Men are a little egoistic in this regard. They are made that way.

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