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Most Men are not Faithful and Truthful!

by Anonymous

I have never done any online dating so I'm not sure what men write on their profile. Just speaking from experience I can say men are not faithful and truthful.

If they are like that in person I'm quite sure they are even worse online. I have run into very few that are good honest men luckily I married one.

I got so frustrated with the lies and games men were always playing that it makes you think that they are all that way. Then we meaning women make our mistake and treat the good one that finally comes along like he is one of them. It's hard to tell because we are constantly sorting through the bull we can't see the truth.

No matter what lies or exaggerations they come up with the reality is they will never no how good another man really is so they can compete and compare till the cows come home. I was lucky enough to find one and trust me he has had it hard and it's sad to say he still does. For a women like me once my guards are up it takes a whole lot of work to pull them down.

We have been married almost 10 years. I still wonder sometimes and he has never given me a reason to believe he is unfaithful or not being truthful. It was all those previous bad relationships that sometimes are on the way. My husband has had some bad relationships but they didn't affect him the way they affected me. He could take time to heal and not take it with him into the next relationship. The key is not taking it out on the next person.

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