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Most men are not faithful and honest but a few are

by Suchi

All human beings are created equal by God. But it is the human nature which varies from person to person depending on the situation which they come across.

It is really a tricky question to answer as to whether "men are faithful and truthful about what they post on their online profiles."

As with women, most men are also not faithful and honest when it comes to posting online profile. Usually men try to post false profile online in order to dupe women. This is because they know that if they are going to be honest then it is very difficult to dupe the opposite sex. So they usually show off by giving false information and try to dupe the opposite sex.

In case of married men the thing is different. They usually date online by giving false profile because if they give their real profile then it won’t be possible for them to date online. The opposite sex usually looks forward to date with someone who is single and not married. So if married men want to date online they are bound to be dishonest.

It cannot however be said that all men are dishonest and unfaithful. Some men are very truthful and always reveal their true identification even if they are married and have kids.

It is always advisable to reveal the true identification and get into a relationship. The relationship lasts long if it is based on trust and understanding where as if they are dishonest then it is bound to come into the forefront one day. Once it is known the relationship breaks and it is very difficult to mend a breaking relationship.

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Sep 27, 2010
Some Men Are Faithful and Truthful While Others Are Not
by: Anonymous

Most men are faithful while they just name themselves in such a way that the girls like it. They coin "impressive" names. Girls fall for some names, that is fact. Other than that most of the men are truthful about their whereabouts and family and all other details like work etc.

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