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Michael Jacksons Birthday Party

by Chatwani

This is the video of the birthday party of the very famous pop star Michael Jackson who is no more with us now but his memories will always be there through such moments captured.

It’s his 45th birthday celebration that’s going on. He is surrounded by lots of his close friends, relatives and his million fans. All are shouting and hooting just to wish him a very happy birthday. We can see the size and beauty of the cake that has taken a shape of a full house. All are waiting for Michael to cut the cake and distribute it amongst all.

He is also surrounded by his body guards and his children are very close to him. We can hear the light music at the background from his famous albums. The crowd is just going crazy and it seems that they all will just climb the stage to wish him. Michael then cuts the cake with a huge knife and gives the first bite to his dear son.

He then thanks all the people for coming and blessing him on that eve. We can clearly hear how the entire crowd sings the birthday song for him. Everyone is so nicely dressed but Michael is just looking fantastic.

We can see him surrounded by the media and photographers from all sides just dying to capture a moment of this wonderful eve. We can clearly notice the love which his fans had for him. The cake had a little statue of Michael which added grace and meaning to the cake. It is a wonderful and pleasurable treat to watch.

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