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Men Hide the Truth to Flatter Women

Every woman knows well in hand that men are generally not to be trusted as they do not be faithful or truthful. It is as simple as that.

Women are highly possessive in nature and, therefore, expect their male counterparts to be very honest to them, but men tend to do just the opposite. That is, although there is no iota of doubt that men always try to be faithful to women, the problem is that they try to be true to more than one woman at a time! That makes all the difference.

Men hardly speak the truth when they engage on online dating in search of their `ideal' woman. Some of their online profiles will look so pathetic (to use a milder word) that women can easily make out the purpose behind the imaginary contents.

Hardly do men wish to disclose their true identity to women while dating online, partly because they panic of getting ignored and also owing to the fact that men try to flatter women with sweet and decorative phrases. `I am a simple and down-to-earth guy', `I am quite intelligent', `I possess a great sense of humor', `I am highly educated and respectful', `I do not talk much to women, `I love to give my body and soul to the deserving' and finally `I do not talk much to women' (this, after doing all the talking?) are some of the commonly found online phrases of men.

It is so boring for women to come across such stereotype phrases again and again that they keep waiting for something new and true like `I will try to be honest and loyal' (instead of claiming to be so already), `I believe that men and women are equal', or `please correct me if I try to be too smart'.

However, even if such presentations are to be made, chances are that women will only grow more suspicious, simply because the men folk have time and again proved what honesty really means to them.

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