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Men Can Be Truthful and Faithful With a Little Thought and Good Advice

by Channing Thomson
(San Francisco, CA, USA)

There is a general idea that men routinely lie about themselves on online dating sites to "get" the girl, or all the girls, as quickly and effectively as possible. It's not unlike hunting prey. The male of the species is out for quick results that will satisfy him on many levels -- emotionally, sexually, sometimes financially.

As in the normal dating pool of singles bars and workplace romances, men are more concerned with the ends rather than the means and anything goes in order to make a conquest or simply another notch on the conquest list.

The common wisdom today is that men need to change their perspective on these matters and start thinking about the means. And by doing this, changing their approach and following an alternative game plan. In other words, rather than putting the greatest spin on themselves in an online listing -- I look like Brad Pitt, I have blond hair, blue eyes and an athlete's body, I am a Rhodes scholar -- they should consider being somewhat more truthful.

Perhaps allowing for "a few extra pounds" or not being quite so certain about exactly what they want out of life. It's important to be honest but to leave a few things out for the real life encounter. An element of mystery works wonders.
All that being said, there is one other thing that is more important than anything else.

A woman wants to be desired and sought after. It's not all the man's fault that he looks to the ultimate conquest. Women love to be the one on the pedestal that is sought after. The most important advice, based on this fact, is that a man's appearance online must, contrary to the obvious, be about his interest in the potential mate. He needs to signify in his profile that he is all about her -- about her dreams, her desires, her aspirations, her qualities.

More than anything else, the woman will find him automatically attractive if his focus is almost completely on what makes her tick and not on himself. Learn this lesson well, gentleman. It will help you to fulfill your dreams!

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