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Men Can be Faithful Subject to Some Conditions

It seems a bit unfair to assess only the ability of men to remain faithful without considering corresponding behavior of women. There could be several reasons for men straying from their marriage or relationship.

First and foremost, we have to accept that we are essentially a type of animal and not some thing extraordinary. Very few animals exhibit the trait of “faithfulness”. Therefore, straying may be common in both sexes of our species. Only the ratio may vary, primarily due to social taboos, and other factors.

To be fair to men, they are constantly being bombarded about women’s attractiveness, through various commercials, and mediums such as movies. They are expected to remain immune when such things, which naturally titillate them, are shown to them.

Nobody ever questions why a very seductively dressed woman endorses everything for men from men’s perfume, deodorant, vehicle, and even glasses in the commercials. In contrast, men do not come half clad in commercials for lipsticks, nail polishes, or clothes. Therefore, women’s attention remains undivided on the product that is being sold to them through these commercials.

Second reason that men stray from marriage is because of women. Women run the home, and are often under pressure to manage different requirements towards month end. They may also have a few monetary plans or goals that they do not like disturbed. So their concentration remains on their monetary goals even in bed. This can leave their men folk a bit dissatisfied.

Likewise, many women take the responsibility of children more seriously than men. So they might take these worries to bed with them, which is not such a good idea. Women having differences with family members or friends, and unable to leave these matters outside their bedroom doors may also be the cause of dissatisfaction of men with their sex life.

Health is another factor that affects sex life. Women are more inclined to be negligent about their health than men. A few women are truly couch potatoes, letting go of themselves to a point that makes it difficult to enjoy sex life with them.

Some couples have ego conflicts for reasons such as women earning more, or being able to get more attention from members of opposite sex. Though this last factor may not essentially be the fault of the woman, it does affect the sex life, and may lead to men straying.

But there is the one more category in which there are no monetary constraints or plans, no children to worry about, no bickering in the family, or health or ego issues, and yet men stray in such cases. This ratio may be common in both sexes. But in case of men it gets blown out of proportion because it is viewed along with the number of men straying for other reasons. Based on this, the best answer to "are men faithful” would be “if given a fair chance, yes."

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