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Men are Truthful Online

Men are faithful about what they post online. If you go to most dating sites men are usually sincere about what they are looking for. If they are on the site for friendship, they tend to spell it out.

Taking a look at most dating sites, men are usually there for short-term relationship and sex. They don’t fool anyone into believing they are there for marriage. When a man says he is just on a site to look for friends, it is the duty of the woman to ask what kind of friend he is referring to after all there are friends with benefits.

Men are usually creatures of confidence, they really do not need to lie to impress a woman online besides there is a belief that there are more men out there than women this means that men will always find someone to spend time with.

It is easy for a man to walk on the streets and say hello and meet new women, there is no reason to try to impress any woman online. If a man tell you his age online you can be sure it is for real after all men tend to age gracefully and it is believed that the older men become the more handsome and caring.

The important issue thus is, why are you joining an online dating site? While we might castigate the man who joins for sex, the fact is that there are women there for the same. That means some of us join for love and other for personal reasons, each to his own.

A woman should therefore not expect that everyman on a friend finding site will be looking for friends.

The moment you define who you are, what you represent and who you are looking for, men tend to respect your decisions besides no man has time for those really long chases.

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