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Men are not Truthful and Faithful

by shivakumar

When it comes to men, we can't be sure whether all give their true details. Some men give true details and some don't.

Most guys between the age of 18 to 30 are ready to give their true address because there is nothing to hide for them when it comes to their age. That age group is ready to display their age on their profiles. Men over 40 are really hiding everything for the dating purposes.

I have read many online dating stories that have been submitted by the users, I mean the real stories. Most women find themselves fooled when they meet that person. Most women are left in shocked to see that men because he was not who he said to be as in his profiles. Men over 40 are really cheating fellows when it comes to age or status.

Do guys between the ages of 18 to 30 provide true information on their profiles? Yes, I think so. I clearly think that men are quite good at their younger age, but once they grow older its no longer like that. They prefer to give lot of fake details with their age, drinking, smoking, marital status,etc.,

All in all, the people who suffers, is the girl who gets attracted to these type of fake profiles. Men are ready to display a younger image of themselves at their profiles, but they don't upload all the photos. They upload the photo which looks younger and which looks better. So men really are cheaters when comes to online profiles and they are not truthful and faithful

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