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Men are Men

In this big world, there is only two kind of person. "One is Man and the other Woman." Men can do what women cannot and there are things women can do but men cannot. So they are complementary and vice versa to one another. What men like to do, women feel the same way as men do.

Men not only hide their real profile and upload a distinct attractive profile to attract women; even women do the same way to impress men. Just in the same was as there is difference in looks, sizes, and color; ones thought differs with others thought. One likes to flirt and other looks for a real life partner online. Some do not even care to take time to dig in for the profile to date with and on the other case some will search in details about the online the profile they are interested at.

Men are faithful at their own way and women love their faithfulness. Men thought,act roughly even though he is faithful and truthful. Men first priority towards opposite sex is his personality and attitude. Men uses a variety of means to attract opposite sex, to impress, to get closer and to make friends.

There are men that are truthful to other that share his own identity with the stranger and other that are born womanizer in nature that can attracts opposite sex easily using identity that is impressive or attractive because those who date online are strangers to each others.

Lastly, my opinion to this topic is Men are Men and faithful and truthful depend in their own way of life, and personality.

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