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Men are Men

by geetha

Men are Men

Men are Men

"Men are men" only a very few among the men are faithful. Always - men like to play trick up on girls. In most of the cases girls are get cheated by believing the sweet word that men write about themselves. Men are not a faithful creature.

In most of the online profiles they write as they look for girls. Do men consider the facial beauty or physical appearance of a girl? Yes! Why? Because men are always looking for beautiful girls, they find beauty in their faces or give importance to their physical appearance.

So in order to get impressed by girls, they write all unbelievable things on their profile.

Do men who put their original identity picture in their online profile? No, most of them put the pictures of some super stars in boll wood or Hollywood in order to attract women. A forty years man would most likely write in his profile that he is only twenty and make many fake profiles for dating with many women. In some cases they updated their relation as sing even though they have 2 wife and 5 children...but a women who is forty years will never do so.

That is not only true to forty something years men, teen and young men also make many fake profiles for dating. Most of the girls get cheated by reading the sweet words from them.
But a few among them are good and faithful.

Always remember that an unseen power will see everything we do. So always give respect to our mind we will surely get reward for our work from good. So be truthful.

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