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Memorable Piece of Paper

by Anoop

Memorable Piece of Paper
The Unique Gift for my Beloved

My birthday gift for my best friend would be just a memorable piece of paper in which I will be writing:

  • Everything that I feel about him/her.
  • How we met and then become good friends,
  • How we become true friends and best of friends.

You know, any other gift given to any person is never going to be everlasting, be it a jewelry, a car, a bike or anything for that matter. My concept is that if you can put in what you have in your mind about your friend in a memorable paper and present it to the friend, they will know how important they are for us.

They might not read it fully, the first time round for instance, however they will keep it with themselves and may read it on a day when they find it more fitting. This unique gift will be everlasting in their mind and will be always be a memorable one for them.

The reason I confidently say so is because I did try this once in my life. It was for my best friend. That was for his 25th birthday. Many of our friends were planning to give him many other gifts like a painting, a road trip etc. However I told them that I will not be joining them and I will be giving him a different gift. So, they went ahead and gave them their gift.

My best friend had organized a birthday party and on that day I went to his place and gave him an envelope. It was a surprise for him, he first thought it would be some kind of cheque inside the envelope. Later when he found what was inside, he became more excited and much more surprised.

He called me the next day and told me that it was the best ever gift he had ever received in his life.

I was so happy for him. He is still one of my best friend. So, that is the reason why I am sharing this powerful idea of gifting a memorable piece of paper containing some of the most memorable content that as friends you experienced in the past together as an ideal idea for a birthday gift ideas for best friends.

You can either accept this idea or still consider buying out expensive items as gifts, but remember they tend not to last for a very long duration. If you give a physical gift, they will be in their mind for a few days/weeks/ or may be for some years, but if you give a gift from your heart, it is going to last forever.

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