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Making Friends in Social Networking Sites

by Aseem Lalfakawma

The first thing I wanna say about this is that,everyone wants to have lots of friends on facebook,orkut,hi5, etc and many don't have that many friends like others. Just think about it,seeing people with over 500+ friends make's us feel envious! SO,here are my tips to make friends easily in social networking sites.

All users in any social networking sites mostly add cool people with a cool name or a cool avatar(profile picture). So,first things first, have a catchy name that everyone would look forward to and a nice avatar that would lure people into your profile page.

Try to add a few friends too. When adding, be sure to check out someones profile pages before adding them, often I see some people just add users without looking their profile pages, this is because of the "friend suggesters" on many social networking sites which search for friends with same likes and interests. This is to ensure that you don't need to search for friends a process that would otherwise take so much time. Anyways,try to look into a users interests and if it suits u, just add him or her.

Everyone has a busy life these days, so no one can talk to friends on a face to face meeting all the time. So it is very important to stay connected to friends at least on the web to keep in touch with them. Try using my techniques to make more friends!..:D...enjoy!

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