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Make Your Precious Friend Birthday Be Special

by Richa bansal

Friendship is a very sweet relationship. There is no blood relation "with your friend" in friendship but still they are very close to your heart. You can share everything with your friend and your friend is also available for you when you need him or her.

I have many friends but one is very close to my heart. Her home was very near to my home. We had spend lots of time together. We always celebrate our birthday together. Now we both got married and she lives very far from me. So its not possible for me to go to her home on her birthday, but I always want to make her birthday special.

She become very happy when someone write something about her,her Personality, nature...and that sort of thing.

That's why I wrote a letter for her in which I wrote about her, our friendship and our sweet moments which we had spend together in the past. Along with that letter I paste some old good photos of us when we were together attending our school time. I purchased one photo frame where I put our photo for her, gave her some chocolates and a beautiful greeting card about friendship. I knew I had purchased small things for her but she is the type of girl who really feel happy by the small small things in life.

Good birthday gifts idea make that recipient feel very special. There are so many things we can give to our friend. But most important is the simple fact that we should give a gift that will bring joy to our friend especially if we have taken time to know their likes and dislikes.

Friendship is not based on gifts, its only the thing by which you can express your feeling to your friend. A small gift make your friendship more stronger and give some moments to remember. So I just want to say that a "FRIEND is a very precious person in our life" and therefore we should always try to make them feel how precious they are to us.

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