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Maintain a Balance in the Relationship

Many times we are friends with someone because we have similar interests. People who are able to socialize and spend time together are able to form a stronger bond.

Often someone with more money will have interests that are expensive. These interest will be cost prohibitive to someone with lesser means. People of different social backgrounds can be friends, especially if they have known each other prior to attaining wealth. "The hard part is maintaining that friendship despite the wealth."

It may become uncomfortable for the person who does not have as much money to stay friends. They will feel left out when their friend is planning activities or events that they can not afford. It will also be a strain on the wealthier friend who may feel awkward because they can afford things that their friend can not. They may also grow to resent having to pay for things when having group events.

The situation can very easily become a tenuous one. Both sides stand to lose a great deal if common ground can not be found and agreed upon. Each side must have a clear understanding of what is expected of them in the relationship and the boundaries that each side has set. The party who is well off may decide that they do not want to be looked at as a source of funds. The other party may decide that they don't want to be asked to participate in events that are costly. The key is to "find and maintain a balance in the relationship."

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