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Luxury sleepwear is a great gift idea for close friends or someone special. Women like to feel sexy and special on occasions. Giving your girlfriend a Luxury sleepwear will make her feel special and pampered.

Luxury pajamas are a great gift idea for men too. Often Men like to lounge around and be comfortable while doing so. Luxury pajamas can give him the ability to do just that! Of course a gift of Boxers or flannel bottoms can also be a perfect gift for the man in your life.

Custom Luxury Sleepwear for Women

If you’re intimate with someone, then gifting her a luxurious sleepwear as a gift is a great gift idea. It’s something practical that can either be comfortable for them, or a sexy gift for both of you.

If you’re not intimate with the person, then this gift idea might be awkward. Not only would you have to get the size right, but you’d have to make sure that whatever you give them won’t be taken the wrong way. If you were giving someone a gift of sleepwear, I’d recommend that you stick with giving things that are comfortable, and not too revealing.

You wouldn’t want to give your friend something considered “sexy”, and then have to explain why you gave it to them. The reason why this would be awkward is because usually when someone gives someone else a gift of sexy clothing, it’s because they want to see that person wearing it.

Overall, personalizing whatever gift you buy someone tells that person that you didn’t just grab and buy it for them, but that you actually thought about why the item would fit them and wanted to get it specifically for them.

personalized luxury sleepwear for men and women

Are you stuck, unable to come up with a good gift idea for your friend? You are not alone; in fact this is actually a common problem particularly if you are looking for a unique gift for your friend. And here we are talking about that special kind of gift that they will really like. Share your thoughts about gifting a luxury sleepwear here

If you and your friend are very close and maybe even intimate then you might want to consider a set of personalized luxury sleepwear as a gift. A set of personalized pajamas is an excellent gift for you to give your friend whether they are male or female. Of course, be sure this kind of gift would be well received by your friend and would not be considered in a bad manner.

The fact that a “luxury sleepwear” is a very personal and intimate kind of apparel is exactly what makes this kind of gift a very unique gift for someone to receive since this kind of apparel is usually decided upon and picked out by the person who is going to wear them.

When a special occasion is coming up--a birthday, an anniversary, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day--it is often tempting to resort to a gift of flowers or candy. While those items are nice to give and to receive, they are gone in a day or three. What can a person give that is both personal and practical?

Luxury sleepwear is a great option. Everyone loves to get a soft, cuddly new gown or set of pajamas. Lots of folks sleep in comfy sleep pants or shorts, with or without a comfortable top.

Giving this as a gift is a fabulous idea, but when the gift is also personalized with initials or a pet name, it will be a treasured keepsake, as well. A particularity innovative way to personalize the sleepwear might be to skip the initials and just embroider an important date--anniversary or first date. A quotation with great meaning to the giver and receiver would also make the gift unique.

Technology also now exists that can screen a memorable picture onto sleepwear. Or, what about screening your wedding invitation or a graduation announcement? A birth announcement, with a picture of the new addition on the sleepwear of a new mom or dad would be a wonderful and treasured gift, even if the wearer is not getting much sleep.

Family reunions would also be even more fun if the whole group got sleepwear commemorating the event. Forget the family tee shirts--bring on the family jammies! As the wearer falls asleep, he or she is encircled in the care and love of the giver. It is hard to imagine a more personal and loving gift.

If I am to receive a pair of customized pajama with my initials on it, it would weigh more than just “any” present. Sure it is the same as any other pajamas besides having my initials, but it gave me a sense that it was designed for me, belonged to me, and only me. Besides being the one and only in this world, it showed the level of care and thought that was put into it. The thought of the extra time and effort the giver spent to add my initials would always warm my heart and make me smile uncontrollably for an extra few seconds.

After a few weeks, the initial heat and love of the pair of new pajamas would likely wear off, just like any other new presents I receive. But a renewed mood of familiarity and warmth would arise from such a memorable gift. Memory would remind me how the pair of pajamas came to my hands every time I put it on at night, remembering the person who put my initials onto the pair of pajamas.

Many studies suggest that our memory gets an extra boost for better retention in activities that we do before we sleep. Based on my personal experience, it does seem like an easier task to recall characters and story line from the novels I read before my bedtime compared to other novels I read during differing time of day. Psychologically speaking, this may even build a stronger, kinder image of the giver inside the receiver’s mind.

Why gifting a Personalized luxury sleepwear is such a unique gift idea

One thing that does make personalized sleepwear a great gift is that there are many different sleepwear options for you from which to choose. Sexy lingerie and snuggly hoodie-footies are extremely popular with the ladies. Men's style collar shirts are popular sleep shirts with the ladies too. Silk or flannel pajamas are very popular with the guys.

Once you have decided what kind of personalized pajamas that you want to give to your friend as a gift then you need to decide how you want to have them personalized for your friend.

The most common type of personalization that you will find on pajamas is a monogram that is the person's initials. Of course, that does not mean that the personalization you choose to use cannot be more personal than a monogram. You can have the pajamas personalized with a verse from a poem, or an acronym, or even a cute saying. You can easily find several businesses specialize in this kind of gift too.

Is it a good idea to give custom sleepwear as a birthday gift?

The answer to this question will obviously vary from relationship to relationship. For instance, suggestive sleep wear may make a great gift for an intimate acquaintance, or a terrible one for a casual friend. However, there are exceptions to this rule.

Even in the case of more reserved pajamas, other gift-giving pitfalls can be encountered. What does the intended recipient normally wear to sleep? What size clothing do they wear? These questions must be answered to ensure that the pajamas will fit comfortably and be used.

The other consideration is due to the custom nature of the gift. Unlike a stock product, custom gifts usually cannot be returned. Either the recipient will love the gift, or they will be stuck with something entirely useless to them.

Like any gift, custom sleep wear or pajamas is an expression of familiarity between the gift giver and receiver. In the case that the two parties do not know each other well, a more cliche gift may be a safer choice.

You would have to choose carefully on which friend you can give this kind of gift, because not everyone would appreciate the thought. Put yourself in their shoes, how would you feel if someone gave you such a gift, it depends on who gave it to you, right?

If someone you are really close to, and care about gave you a custom pajama you would surely love it, but if it came from someone you know and like, but aren’t that close to, it would be awkward. That’s how I would feel anyway. But then again you could also give it to someone you haven’t reached that level of intimacy yet, and this would be that reaching point in your relationship. This gift shows that you didn’t just go out and buy the first thing that came into your sight, but you gave it some thought.

There are so many different customizations you can use, a favorite song verse, a saying they like, or you can be extra creative and make a joke they would appreciate. It has a lot of potential to be a really great and unique gift.

Personalized luxury sleepwear as a distinctive gift idea

Why not consider gifting a luxury sleepwear?

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