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Low Income Class Vs High Income Class

by C. Copeland

I wish I could say that social class doesn't matter at all, but it does. I am on the opposite side of the situation though. My family is lower income and it greatly affects what we are able to do with our son. Since we have a 2 year old, most of our social life revolves around him and his friends.

It is sometimes difficult for us to find other children whose family participates in activities we can afford. We have joined different playgroups and some of the families get together and drive to other states to go to the zoo at least once a month. There is no way we can afford that.

We have found that when we join a new group we are able to make friends quickly but these friendships quickly fade when we cannot participate in everything the other families are doing. This also affects our son's friendships and it makes things very hard for us.

Personally, I don't believe there are any innate differences between the wealthy and the poor, it just seems as though those of a higher class don't seem interested in pursuing relationships with those "below" them.

I think one of the reasons for this is people assume that those of us in a lower income bracket couldn't share the same interests or be as intelligent as they are. Personally, I have been to college & completed my degree with honors, but I have chosen to start my own business in the field of human services where I do much more volunteer work than for profit.

I received the same education as the psychologist father of one of the kids in playgroup, but am still looked down upon by his wife as being "low class" before they ever know my background. I hope for my sons sake this changes, but I am not sure it ever will.

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