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Love and Honesty

Love and Honesty
(Reason Number 2.)

Honesty in a friendship is an important thing. Of course possessing good qualities of love and honest doesn't mean saying ‘yes to everything' or saying remarks that will not hurt your friends. What that means is that when it comes to having a friend, you can't afford to lie to them all the time about stuff.

For instance, if you can't keep a meeting with them, just be honest about the reason instead of trying to make something up. It also means that you should tell the whole story, because leaving out things that may put you in a bad light is just as bad if not worse than lying to their face.

Honesty also means that if you have a problem with your friend, whether it is something they did to you or you to them, you have to be honest enough to tell them so, even if your friendship may end. If the friend is really your friend, they may be angry, but they will appreciate that you could tell them the truth. In serious situations, it is just best to tell your friend the truth, because while they may not catch you in a lie the first few times, eventually they will and then the reaction is going to be even worse.

Being honest with your friend will also work to your benefit as well. If your friend ever has a serious problem, they will know they can come to you for advice, or opinion. This is a really great honor, and you can understand this because you probably have just one or two people you can really confide in when there is a problem. Not only is it a great honor but also a great responsibility as well because it also prepares you to be honest in everything you do in your live including excising tax honesty when you file for your taxes or being faithful and truthful to your partner in marriage.

Love and Honesty

Love and Honesty

What makes a good friend?

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Why is "Love and Honesty" the key to good friendship?

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