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Love and affection

1.) Love and affection

Love and Affection

“10 reasons why we need best friends”

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What do you think about
love and affection?

Friendship means many different things to people depending on who you ask and because of individual differences for instance; different age groups or gender differences just to mention the two and so on.

It would be hard to find ten random people who would give you the exact same definition of just exactly what friendship means to them and what it provides for them. That’s just the way it is! For young people they might tell you that their best friend means everything to them and that they could not live without such a friend, not even for a day or maybe not even for just one hour.

As people get older the meaning of friendship sometimes changes. Some men and some women are known to say that they don't really need any friends since their wife or husband is their best friend and that she is all they truly need. Some men call their weekly golfing buddies "friends" when these guys may really know very little about each other, not so for women!

Why do we all need love and affection?

While there will always be a variety of ways with which people will define friendship, there are some definite benefits that healthy, two-sided friendships can bestow. Just one of those is affection and love. Although some may think that living without friends is better, kind of similarly portrayed in Paul Simon's song about being a rock and an island thus needing no one, without those positive friendships, one misses out on the capacity for both love and affection.

The late Leo Buscaglia used to emphasize strongly that we all need a minimum of twelve hugs per day for our health. I have a hunch he was not implying we go around hugging ourselves that often each day! Of course, love and affection is just one way of showing our love for our friends, but one that is important. For those uncomfortable with hugs there are other ways to have physical contact even with something as simple as a genuine handshake, pat on the back or touch on the arm.

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So do you need that kind of "love and affection" from a friend?

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