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Lifeless Without Friends

by Malika

Friends, Unfortunately in-spite of all the quotes & saying about how important friends are or how to maintain friends lifelong, we only understand the importance of this once we are without any friends around.

"LIFELESS" is the state we can be without having someone to speak our heart out to, tell them about that smallest tiff you had, cry out your heart without feeling embarrassed....& lots of such small pleasures or comforts FRIENDSHIP give you.

Friendship, people say is very difficult to maintain. But when you have a true friend who understands everything about you, you never have to bother about maintaining that bond you have with him.

A genuine friend is gift of God to you, someone who will never ever turn away from you. Just hold his hand & live life to the fullest. Get in & out of the relationships & see him witness every moment of your life, every tear or laugh life brings to you. He will be there when you have fights with parents, when your siblings cuts all the ties with you, when your spouse does not understand you, your kids do not need you anymore..A true friend will be there holding your hand throughout. All you need to do is witness his life...

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