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Learn to value your online friends

by Tarun

I think one thing we all need to remember is that though we are interacting with a cross section of people across continents through social networking sites in a virtual world, the people who have put up their profiles are as human as you and me. And, so it is important that we try and respect each others' emotions as much as possible while interacting through this digital medium.

From my personal experience I can say that it is not so much about your profile per-se that will get you friends or more importantly help you make great friends online. But, it is the way you treat your online friends, find time for them. In short, it is how much effort you put in to nurture your friendships online over a period of time, how much you prioritize your online friendships in your life that is what truly counts.

This means keeping in touch with your online friends as frequently as possible. And if you are a busy person then work out your schedule in a way that you do find little time to check on your friends online. This is important as otherwise most of your friends will feel left out, may lose interest in you and it may not be easy to win over your disinterested friends later. So, do check on your friends at frequent intervals and if there is an emergency or anything that may keep you away for awhile.

Then, like in the real world, do inform your online friends on social networking sites through a notice for your friends there or by messaging them directly. That will make your online friends feel important and this will also show them that you value their friendship. In case you have an emergency, some of them might offer you emotional support that you might more than welcome. And also, when you will be back online, your online friends will be ready to welcome you back in their lives much to your delight!

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