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(10.) This is the Time and Moment to Learn Something New

Learn something new if you want to compete in today's workplace. Education is more important than it ever has been. It does not have to be college based education. Anything you learn related to your work helps.

The type of training and education you can get is going to help you in one way or another. Trust me, given the high level of unemployment, you must remain proactive and vigilant in order to keep your job. One sure way to safeguard and keep your job is to "learn something new" whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Desire to learn something new every day

Maria Rodriguez was a Mexican immigrant who traveled with her parents to the United States when she was seven years old. She and her two young parents shared a small house with eight other relatives who had moved to America the year before.

It was crowded but everyone pitched in to make it work.

Maria was often enlisted to help the other women and her mother in the cramped kitchen that they all shared. They taught her how to make homemade Mexican food the way their mothers had shown them.

School was difficult for Maria at first. The students in her class were cruel to her; she couldn’t speak a word of English. Soon, she found solace in her English tutor Ms. Gail. Ms. Gail taught her how to communicate with her peers and her teacher.

Maria was smart and she caught on to English quickly. As she grew older her speech in both English and Spanish were perfected and she taught her parents how to speak as much English as she could. Maria was determined to make a better life for herself and her loving parents who both worked two jobs in order to provide for her.

She already knew what her passion was, and after high school she enrolled in culinary school. Although she had to work full-time in order to pay for her tuition, Maria excelled in culinary school.

After she graduated, she took an offer to be a chef at a new restaurant in Arizona, where she had lived most of her life. Word spread quickly of the restaurant’s delicious food, but Maria had bigger plans in mind. With money she saved from her job, a loan from the bank, and what money her family could scrape together, Maria started her own restaurant. It was classy and it served traditional Mexican cuisine with a fine-dining twist.

Maria now has five restaurants across the country. She purchased a house for her parents and one for herself and with the money from her growing businesses was able to pay back what her family had loaned to her, plus a little more.

By: Jessica Brian. Share your story by using this form

Acquiring new skills or new knowledge will actually help you to execute your job more efficiently. That in turn will help make you to be seen more valuable and indispensable, something that will always work to your advantage.

For example there many new things to learn in life...below are some of the things you can learn either on your own, enrolling in an online college or attending a community college near your work place or where you live:

  • Learn forex trading, learn website design, learn accounting, learn about stocks and much more

Today, most companies do not provide as much training as they used to. You have to be able to learn a lot on your own. But remember that, the more education, knowledge and skills you acquire by either attending college or informally is going to play a crucial role in enhancing your job security (if that really exists).

It is always a good habit to keep your mind sharp by learning new knowledge, skills or a new language. Take a night course and learn to speak a foreign language that is needed at the office. Maybe there are a lot of French-speaking clients. When you learn something new, that makes you a more valued employee. Some of the languages you may want to learn include but not limited to:

  • Learn spanish,learn hebrew,learn italian,learn japanese,learn chinese,learn russian,learn arabic and more

Furthering computer skills today is important. Too many things we do at work nowadays require that you get acquitted to how a computer works. Mobile technology like smart phones is also a trend in the rise. What all that means is that you’ll need to keep up-to-date with all the latest innovations or programs related to your job or for promotional purposes.
You never know, you might get a better job with more pay just because of the newly acquired skills you obtained by taking that online course.

The more knowledge and skills you acquire the easier it will be for you and the less time you will have to waste trying to get a different job if you happen to want to change jobs or the worst comes to the worst and you lose your job. Even in a tough job market, people with the best skills get hired first.

Learning something new also keeps life more interesting and helps you enjoy your job more. If you just keep doing the same thing day in and day out without any change, you become bored. This can affect your job performance, so keep adding to your skills and knowledge to prevent this from happening.

It's never too late to learn something new

Education is the key to learning something new in life that can open new opportunities because it enables you to widen your thought process and all possible aspects of your lifestyle that you may consider changing or improving.

For example when you learn something new by educating yourself that broadens your view of life and can cause you to realize there is a great opportunity out there for success and an accomplished lifestyle that you may have not realized before. You not only become knowledgeable in math, science, English, etc. But you also become knowledgeable in life and how to be successful.

Learning something new opens up opportunities; plain and simple.

Furthermore, it causes you to acquire skills via interaction with people during certain projects. In fact, it can make you a more responsible, hardworking, and disciplined individual which leads to new opportunities in life.

Education will cause you to become knowledgeable in all aspects; in addition, the bonds you form while educating yourself will also be useful. Perhaps not at the moment, but certainly down the line once you try to get your career started.

Being around other people who are also trying to learn something new by acquiring success and a greater path in life will also benefit you since you will see their work ethic and determination; this will cause you to remain more focused on the big task at hand.
You're much less likely to stumble around other individuals who share common goals.

Success definitely breeds success, so it certainly makes you more likely to succeed in a hard working environment.

Attaining a degree in a given major not only gears you up toward success in said possible field of work, but also widens up your opportunities to other possible careers outside your major. An education has a diverse value because it provides opportunities in several fields, not just one. Education is not one dimensional, it is somewhat universal.

By: John Koech

want to learn something new today?

Learn Something New

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