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Know if he wants more than friends

Know if he wants more than friends

It's realistic for a special friendship to transition into romantic love. This is the very best of love, because you already know important things about each other. You share common interests; you have a history to build on.

But what happens when you grow to love him and he still considers you "just a friend"? Or, does he? Men aren't as vocal with their feelings and hide their emotions more than women. Perhaps, he shares your loving feelings, but is too shy to tell you. There are ways to find out if he's willing to leap into a romantic relationship.

However, you must be prepared to accept the consequences. You will risk losing your close friend and friendship you've been sharing and accept the fact that he did not entertain passionate feelings about you.

The first step is observation. Has he started kissing you goodnight on your lips instead of a friendly peck on your cheek? Does he seize opportunities to touch you more often than before? Have you caught him gazing at you, when he thought you weren't looking? These are a few signs that he has become attracted to you in a romantic way.

Next, gather information. Do you have reasons to believe your guy friend's feelings have turned upside-down and he wants to be more than friends? Has he referred to the future in terms of "us" or "we"? Can you remember a time when he pouted because you were going out with the girls instead of hanging with him on a Saturday night?

Finally, talk to him, being mindful your heart-to-heart may end with "all or nothing". Men understand straight talk. Just get to the point about what you want to know. Ask him, if he's just a friend or if he loves you.

Know if he wants more than friends

How To Tell If He Wants To Be A Friend Or Lover

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