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 What's the Key to Happiness - 7 Important Tips

In this short article we will take a look at a condensed version of “the key to happiness” and what I've discovered on my self-discovery journey.

Just like most ordinary people....

In the short span that I have walked on this earth, I've experienced numerous ups and downs, fortunately I've had great teachers and mentors to guide me. Today I enjoy a life of joy and contentment. Of course, I have much-yet-to learn but I will share what I've learned up to now. Hopefully it will be beneficial to you.

You see, I believe we all have the ability to choose the kind of attitudes that we wish to develop. That is the beauty of freedom and humanity that we all cherish. Truth be told though, the kind of attitudes we choose to develop and the choices we make in life will eventually determine our level of happiness now and in the future.

That is why on this page we will discuss seven tips about happiness that I have learned from my mentors and teachers. Each tip will reveal to you the "key to finding happiness" and how each specific tip may be of use to you:

Discover the Key to Happiness – 7 Vital Tips

1.) Self-Worth

No self-worth means no happiness. We measure self-worth over time and the degree of self-worth you have can also be made up of varying degrees based upon circumstances you face in life. Most happy people have a good dose of self-worth but aren't egotistical. It can be tricky balancing on the line between confidence and arrogance.

Confidence implies surety while viewing everyone as having a purpose. Nobody is more important than someone else. These people know what their real purpose in life is and are focused on attaining their objectives. Arrogance on the other hand tends to result in looking down on others, feeling superior to them. Although they realize others are important they don't see them as being particularly necessary to the greater scheme of things.

Balanced self-worth is what matters.

2.) Gratitude

Thankfulness is a vital key to happiness. Although we all have a tendency to go on about the way things aren't the way we expect them to be we must understand why. It's because we are made to take note when things are off and we refuse to be thankful when we don't have everything we want. Remaining thankful can be tricky but it's possible nonetheless. We attract what we think most about and if we're genuinely thankful for what we have more will come.

There's a saying that goes: "No good deed goes unpunished" yet some bemoan the fact that they have the worst luck. Because they focus on that they make it an ongoing reality. They get what they expect. Those who strive despite bad luck find more happiness and fulfillment in the long run.

“Gratitude as a key to happiness” involves being grateful for what you already have. Desiring to do better is fine but make sure you're thankful for what you already possess. Every cloud has a silver lining remember. Life is balanced perfectly and if we can realize and believe that to be true we can appreciate it more.

Key to Happiness

3.) Positive Life Framing

Any info can be viewed in the following 3 ways: positively, negatively and neutrally. Neutral is the best. It means accepting life as it comes. It means being content with life situations.

Of course this can prove to be quite a challenge for many of us. There is something positive even in the negative times of life if we look hard enough.

Usually we can only see the positive in hindsight and that's when we also see the benefits that came from the experience. It's far more beneficial if we can perceive these things in the moment however.

The most important thing to remember about this key to happiness is that life is balanced and that every negative occurrence has a corresponding positive one.

4.) Internal Locus of Control

Having an internal locus of control as the key to happiness means you understand your responsibility for your behavior and the resulting consequences of your choices and actions as opposed to blaming external forces.

Having an external locus of control means you fall in the category of folks who believe external circumstances determine behavior and so focus on things like fate and luck. Internal locus control results in a "do" attitude while an external one has a basically helpless one. People with internal locus control still experience things outside their control but they look for ways to remedy the circumstances. They don't dwell on the negative and instead look for ways to take decisive action. Such people are more in control of their destiny. They refuse to be the victim. They insist on determining their own happiness.

The Key to Happiness in Life Depends on the Choices We Make

5.) Love

All types of love are invaluable to happiness. Strive to love unconditionally and you will receive it in return. Unconditional love is the key to happiness and will always produces wonderful results. Challenge yourself to express nothing less to those in your life. Loving those who love you is no real accomplishment but loving those who don't is something to strive for.

6.) Lifelong Learning is the key to happiness

Learn something new every day. When you think you made a mistake or took a wrong turn seek the lessons to be learned. Don't make the mistake of thinking you know all there is to know.

When you adopt such an attitude you cease to learn and instead start to blame everything and everyone around us. This is counterproductive and should never be indulged.

7.) Contribution

The key to happiness is for you to identify and follow your own unique purpose in life and not what others dictate upon you. If you know what it is you can focus on fulfilling your purpose. When you do, you will make a huge contribution to the world because your work will be meaningful and bring you happiness. When we are fortunate to do what we are intended to do life becomes richer.

Your purpose could be anything but knowing what it is and striving for it is what counts. Doing so means you contribute to the good of everyone around you. By applying the above 7 surefire tips about happiness, you will find that it might not make life easier but they will help you to change what you need to change, address what needs to be addressed and ultimately you will be more productive and happier within.

Consider a personal coach to help you break old habits and instill new productive, happy ones. A personal coach can be invaluable in helping you discover your purpose and implementing the steps you need to take to reach your full potential. You will be able to face life and discover the joy that is waiting for you.

Give it a try. What do you have to lose? Remember the key to happiness is determined by the choices you make.

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