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by Althea
(Jamaica WI)

One great way of meeting people and forming friendships which will last a life time is to join groups of people who share a common interest that you are passionate about. These groups could be support groups such as HIV support groups and associations, Kiwanis Clubs and various enhancement or charity groups.

Having similar interest does not automatically mean that you will make great friends with all or even most persons in the group but there may be those who you will eventually become good friends with over time. Ensure that you are not a grumpy and unpleasant person. If you are that is a personal characteristic which will drive people away from you.

Socialize and do not always sit back and leave it up to someone else to initiate a conversation. Check out those persons whose profile and mannerism appeals to you the most and initiate a conversation. Your approach is key. Some persons are natural conversationalist and make friends quite easily while some have to put in a bit more effort. Know who you are and what are your characteristics. Never shun who you are and pretend to be who or what you are not. Identify your good and bad points and if necessary work on those attributes that makes you an unfriendly person. Just be true to yourself.

Do not try to link yourself with persons who seem to be popular and outgoing just because of who they appear to be. Find people who have depth and who are appreciative of people for who they are and who accept people with their limitations as well as their good attributes. Never strain yourself to hold on to a friendship that cause you to step outside yourself in a negative manner. Only allow yourself to be pulled by positive forces so that you will constantly receive positive enhancement.

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