More And More Jobs In Kenya

Jobs in KenyaKenyan youth are hurting.

We need jobs, jobs and more jobs in Kenya!

Unfortunately, our leaders have miserably failed to deliver. The old guards and not the so quite young Turks have both miserably failed to rise up to the occasion.

Time and time again and time again, they have completely eroded the little trust we once entrusted on them. To create more and more jobs in Kenya for Kenyan youth.

Mission ImpossibleOur future, in their hands; is mission impossible.


Now is not the time to point fingers. Now is not the time to blame one another. Now is not the time to give up, lose hope and despair. We refuse. For we say, no, no and No. Enough!

For way too long, we have been waiting, waiting and patient. For quite a long time, we have been entrusting, wishful and Hopeful. Not any longer! It has been way too long waiting.

  • Waiting and there are still not enough jobs in Kenya! At least not for the Kenyan youth

Not long ago, John F Kennedy (the former U.S president) famously said and I quote

"Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country."

For the time has come. Now is the time for young Kenyans to rise up. Take the lead. Take the initiate. And take control of our destiny. This is the time. Time for the new Kenya we long for.

ok jobs kenyaThe time has come, for the youth to create a better future for the youth.

It’s our duty to deliver a brighter, prosperous and hopeful tomorrow to the next generation of Kenyan youths. We just cannot afford to sit and let pass the current mess to our children’s children

  • We will. We must. And we have to find ways to create more and more jobs in Kenya.

NikenyaWe must stop, solve and put an end to the current rise of unemployment levels.

It’s our call, it’s our duty and the sacred responsibility of any law abiding and loving Kenyan citizen. To leave Kenya a better place than we found it.

If you are still wondering, below are two links about how Nikenya comes into the play.

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