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It is not too hard to tell when you know women well

by Donna
(New York, New York, USA)

When I think about myself and other women, it is far easier for us to be honest on online profiles. I have seen someone flat out lie, not to seem better or anything but to simply deter guys from hunting her down on Google. When faithful and truthfulness is the issue most women won't hesitate in being honest. Especially if this is to be compared to men, women are less likely to lie about information than men are.

There are exceptions of course and I think the only gray area I see for a women being unfaithful and truthful is with matters of her age and her image. If she includes a photograph, she might try to angle it in a way so that she appears slimmer, she may wear a push-up bra so that her breasts appear larger or she might just only have a photo of her face and no body shots to hide fat. If she doesn't have any full body or straight (not angled) photographs on her online profile, I'd be a bit wary about her. I'd wonder if she was a liar.

One other case, the only thing I've done was go on a dating site knowing that I was in a relationship. Some women might be on there simply to get more attention and compliments if they are lacking them from their partners. So long as they make that evident on their profiles (that they are in a relationship) then again, you've avoided a case where possible dishonesty could come across.

I think if you are knowledgeable about these types of photos and you are good at guessing ages, you haven't a problem and the woman are most likely being honest about everything.

So to answer the question are "Are Women Faithful and Truthful?" I don't think there is a clear yes or no in this case but I'm positive that more likely than not, women are being honest on online profiles.

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