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Is it a good idea to turn your best friend into a lover?

by Joseph

When your feelings for a friend begin to deepen, you want him or her to feel the same way. The question that friends often then think about is whether its such a good idea to turn your best friend into a lover.

As you very well know when people are in love, they ought to share compatibility outside of the bedroom. They not only get along as lovers, but they also should be best friends and share in each others joys and sorrows and be in sync emotionally and mentally. Very close friends tend to have this kind of emotional connection. It is the glue that holds the relationship together.

Wouldn't it be great to have a deep compatible friendship with your lover as well? Is it really a good idea to turn your best friend into a lover? While you think about that, here are five key points to help you decide if its really a good idea to turn your best friend into a lover.

1) Highlight Your Good Points

If you are a female and have a male that is a close friend and he has hinted in the past about the things he likes about you, be sure to play up those points whether they are physical characteristics or emotional ones. Just be careful to not go overboard and be too obvious.

As friends, it doesn't matter too much how you dress and how you look or what your mood is because it doesn't affect your friendship. However, when you want to turn your friend into a lover, you need to always put your best foot forward in order to make him notice you.

2.) Intimate Conversation

The two of you probably talk about everything imaginable within the scope of your friendship. You could talk about your common interests and even your love lives. When you want your friend to relate to you in a more intimate way, change the topics you talk about so your conversations are more intimate. You can even try verbal flirting as well.

3.) Set The Mood

Rather than hanging out at a coffee house or going to a movie with a group of friends, meet the object of your desire in a private and romantic setting instead.

4.) Change Your Actions

Your friend probably knows how you act around a guy you are romantically interested with so don't hold back. Act the same way towards him.

5.) Send Signals

Your body language says it all. Your physical gestures are very different around a platonic friend and one you are romantically interested in so use this to your advantage. Touch your friend in flirty ways and let your body language tell him you are interested. Sooner or later he will get the hint

Having said that, what do you think;
Is it still a good idea to turn your best friend into a lover?

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