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Increase your online friends through Social Network Sites

Making friends on social networking sites is not a very difficult task. Generally, people search for their family members, neighbors and friends from schools, and colleges. Likewise, they may search for former and present colleagues on these sites. Social networking sites like Facebook also offer an opportunity to write on each others' walls, which is a good way to interact without writing volumes and helps to catch up with the friend’s latest activity.

But many of the friends made online may be because of an existing group of friends. Therefore, a colleague may have left the job and joined elsewhere. Her new set of friends may seem as good as her. So asking them to be your friend should not be very difficult. They too will look into your profile once they find your invitation, and when they find an existing colleague in there, they would accept the invitation, without further investigations.

But there are other social networking sites like myLot. Here, people can discuss many things with total strangers. Based on their responses, new friendships could blossom between people from different nationalities. Here too, you may receive an invitation to be a friend, or you could ask the person to be your friend. Over a period many like-minded individuals across the world can become your friends through such social networking sites, which also let you earn for interacting.

Linked in is not exactly a social networking site. But it is possible to be friends with people there. New invitations can be sent across, giving them a personal touch instead of the formal invitation that Linked in has to offer.

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