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Impeccable men

by rubesh

As a man, I feel utmost pleasure in narrating the inner feeling of common men when he tries to establish himself in many fields especially in online sites.

It is common that a man always want to boost his character especially when he introduces his features among women community. This is quite natural and some do boost more about themselves in order to grasp the attention of all the girls. This doesn't mean that they are unfaithful or cheaters. The real reason is their hormones viz testosterone. The hormone is the real culprit for all activities and would never allow a man to act as per his heart.

I feel that most men are faithful and truthful even though they tell some unimaginable stories about them. For example, a man who loves a girl always wants to attract her and eventually hold her in his life. This doesn't mean that he is going to spoil her and instead it is full of love that comes from his inner mind. Hence a man does like to go a little bit further that is untouched hum and hence it is not at all considered as cheating girls or flirting. Instead it is one of the clever ways to gain something positively.

Also we men have the common notion about girls that they like us only if we act smart and intelligent and hence we always try to behave smart even though we do not know anything. Now the trend has been changing among men world that they speak and act what they have and possess.

Hence, a major proportion of men community do have the tendency of making love with girls and not have unfaithful in their heart and mind. Only a minimum proportion of men do have the sense of cheating the girls.

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