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If My Girlfriend Was Cheating On Me

by Anonymous

I think that it would depend on the situation. If my girlfriend was cheating on me there would be many ways I could go about it. Some people would end the relationship right there, only being naive. Reading this article changed my mind.

I would definitely try to help her out, get her in counseling, talk to her, show her it's OK to have a past. I couldn't breakup with someone who is in need of help. Her need of help is my need of caring.

If My Girlfriend Was Cheating On MeIf my girlfriend was cheating on me, I would most definitely be hurt if she was cheating on me , I would have lingering thoughts too.

Hopefully if she did take the counseling, she would be able to change. I know it would be a struggle at first but there is no way I could not deal with it.

I couldn't go on in life wondering if we could have worked out if I just mad a few simple adjustments to make her feel right about her self. If the problem was low self esteem than, I know it's hard, but I would try to make her feel like the best thing since candy. I would hope she would consider and not take offensively me trying to help her.

In conclusion thought, in general if someone's or my girlfriend is cheating I think she should get at least one more shot. What if she did have a few issues mentally and emotionally? Why would that become a reason on maybe skipping out on a life full of happiness? I hope many naive people like myself read this article and realize it's not just you, there may be a real issue within the love of your life.

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