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I guess most of men do lie

by Sumathi

Be it internet, having a regular chat or on face-book or twitters - when having a conversation with the intention of having a relationship men always lie and don't come up with truth, they tend to boast of things that they don't really posses and they do so in order to impress the females around and make them feel that they are worthy.

Well it’s the oldest trick in the book and still many females fall for it. Updating their profile on dating sites is a common thing and most men carefully study the profiles of other females and then plan a strategy to attract them because they know what women want and they alter their profile so that each time a women browses through their profile they fell that "well this is the man i am looking for"

Unfortunately that is where everything goes wrong, being true and transparent is not the style of this century, if you are true to yourself there are women who would really look for those kind of profiles and would find you more interesting and charming rather than liking you now and ditching you latter when they find out everything you mentioned in your profile was false and made up.

Most men understand the risk of telling lies in the profile and many have faced situations where their relations have broken yet very few realize the simple fact that being true to your own self will always keep you happy and your relationship will have a whole new meaning to it and others will definitely envy looking at such a relationship because they don’t realize that the base of it was the truth and nothing else.

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