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I Gifted Him a NeoCube

Not sure what gift to give?
Try gifting a NeoCube

Friendship is a relationship to be cherished n preserved and when a friend's birthday arrives,we ask ourselves the same old question..."what gift should I give my best friend this time round?"

Well, friends, gone are the days of gifting pens and watches. Lets get it straight...most people wants something "cool and expensive" but along with it I had something which generated CURIOSITY and ADVENTURE and something where he could put all his CREATIVITY into...

Well on my friend's birthday I gifted him something which kept him engrossed for days! "I gifted him a NeoCube!"

The NeoCube is the best entertainment device cum accessory and it is available in many sizes.

Its a cube with individual high-energy rare-earth magnets which allows you to create and recreate an outrageous number of shapes and patterns.
The NeoCube Is literally a puzzle with billions of solutions. "The NeoCube is perfect for gaming, expression, stress relief, dual hemispherical brain stimulation and much more."

Why Gifting a NeoCube is so cool

  • One day it can be worn as a bracelet,
  • The other day u can make a locket out of it,
  • The third day a key chain and a small pouch the very next moment
  • And if this is not enough then u can CREATE a millions more.

The amount of patterns and shapes that can be made out of it just by the use of your creativity itself is amazing. So just let your creativity flow and your mind speak along with Neocube.

The Neocube comes in various sizes according to the number of individual cubes present. The smallest one has 27 spheres and the largest has 1027 spheres... but the best value for money is the one that has 224 spheres. It is - of the correct size and big enough to make everything u want to. It is also available in gold plated for $34.95 only(if, in case, you are gifting our girlfriend...try this and see the way she looks at you)

The 224 spheres Neocube comes for $24.95 and 27 spheres Neocube comes for $12.95 which is by no means "a very expensive birthday gift deal" for a genuine friend.

Now I see my best friend flaunting it everyday. He either wears it on his arm or neck with different shapes each day and in his spare time he makes any 3D figure that comes to his mind. Since the day I Gifted Him a NeoCube he has called me 4 times and thanked me! How Sweet! After being friends for 6 years, it was my first BIG gift for him on his 21st birthday and I made it count.

SO... don't be nervous, next time you are stuck not sure what to gift your best friend for his or her birthday, just gift Him or her a NeoCube.

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