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How To Tell If He Wants To Be A Friend Or Lover

Do you have several men or ladies who happens to be friends with you and you find yourself constantly wondering if one of them wants to be more than just a friends? Well, take a deep breath, you are not alone.

Some clues that a man is interested in you

I suppose that eyes can tell us a lot. If some man is attracted to a woman, he watches her more often than other people in a group. But on the other side direct eye-contact could be sometimes very difficult for him. This is because men like to know first, whether their chosen one is attracted to them too.

A different sign of attraction could be also visible in his general behavior - men are usually more tense when they talk to a woman whom they like. They watch their language more and try to be nice. They are even afraid of making friendly fun comments about her like 'you little stupid' because first of all they don't want to hurt her feelings.

But paradoxically men could sometimes treat their chosen one somehow 'worse' than the others. I mean, it is sometimes more probable that he ask not you, but your friend to have a dance. Why? Because he could have no courage and asking somebody who doesn't matter to him is much easier.

To sum up: if you have a group of friends and one of them treats you in a different way (better or worse) than the rest of a group it surely means something is up.

How To Tell If He Wants To Be A Friend Or Lover

Actually, if I must tell you, relax! As a matter of fact, this is a very common situation that most people find themselves in. The problem thought, is that your friend may not know how to tell you how he or she feels. Worse still your friend maybe afraid to face you on the face and ask you if you are are interested to take things further.

Are there any signs that reveal how he or she really feels towards you?

Friends talk freely for better or worse. You know how it is with your friends. You laugh at each other, make fun, and even treat each other in ways that are less than civil sometimes. Being a friend with a guy or lady and being in love are two totally different things, here is why. Friendship lacks romantic love because there is no place for passion in a friendship.

Friends share everything short of that. They don't worry about showing a wild side to other friends. You don't have to worry about how you look or what you wear around friends. You don't have to be shy. Good friends enjoy each others company and act a lot like siblings by teasing, pestering, laughing, and loving each other.

Romantic love though is quite different
How to Tell if a Guy Wants to be More than Friends
When a guy is interested in you, he doesn't treat you like that. He may find it difficult to talk to you at all. When you glance at him you may catch him staring at you but he quickly turns away. He doesn't make his interest known.

When your other friends gang up on you and tease you and torment you, you will notice he does not participate. If anything the teasing seems to irritate him.

When you trip, your other friends will laugh, even if you fall down. But not your admirer. He will check to make sure you are okay. He won't hesitate to rush to your aide.

When a lady is interested in you and that she is romantically inclined towards you, then she will want to put forth her best impression. For instance she will take care with her appearance and wardrobe. She may act shy around you and be nice to you rather than pester and tease you like your other friends do.

If you watch her actions closely, this behavior is easy to pick up on as her actions reveal she cares about you and wants to impress you. These are some of the tell-tale signs that one of your male or female friends may be interested in you romantically. The rule of thumb is that when you recognize the signs, you can send some signals of your own in order to encourage his or her interests if that is what you want too.

Hints and signs He Wants to Be A Friend Or Lover

Signs a Guy want to be more that a friend

I have noticed that when a guy is interested in you he is willing to spend money on you when you both are out with friends.

How To Tell If He Wants To Be A Friend Or LoverWhen a guy friend is more generous toward you than other friends of the same sex that usually means he is interested and wants to make you happy or comfortable.

However there are some exceptions from the rules.

Some guys can be shy and simply try to be in the same area as you, they may just be friendly and treat you just like everyone else. These potential friend turned lovers are hard to notice at first but these guys are usually sweeter and worth the wait. Friends who turned lovers make better husbands.

It's really a bit hard to find out whether a guy wants to be a friend or lover to a girl but in most cases by the way he behaves we can find out. The first thing is that if he really wants to be a friend he will not be possessive. If he is in love with you then he will act very strange or sad when you talk to another guy or talk about an other guy to him.

The way he speaks and the way he spends with you. If he a friend to you the time he spends to you will be as much the same as the time he spends with other friends and if he really loves you chances are that he will be with till the time you want to leave and he will do anything and everything for you. For instance you can find it out the way he messages or calls you and if he loves you he will never stop texting you and wants to meet you daily.

He will also show some interest towards the topics of romance,love,marriage etc and he will never talk to you about a girl even though he likes her. So what I'm I saying? It's a little hard to know for sure but within a month or so you can find out or tell that a guy really wants to be a friend or if he want more and would like to be a lover towards you

Below are some more tell-tale signs that one of your male or female friends may be interested in you romantically. Hopefully those tell-tale signs are going to help you put your worries and anxiety to rest:

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