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How to tell he is into you

How to tell he is into you

1.) The man is always willing to do favors for you

When a man loves a woman, he will try to find any excuse that will enable him to see you again. This could include just about anything that you ask of him that he's capable of doing. He may give you rides to the grocery store or to and from work, or even agree to come and pick you up from a bar if you're a little too blitzed to drive!

He may do physical labor for you, and even if he doesn't already know how to fix something he may look it up and learn how to do it just to help you out. He may lend you money and tell you that it's no big deal if you can't pay him back anytime soon.

A tell-tale sign that these types of common friend helping hands and "guy things" are more than just a helping hand and a guy thing is that the man is really going out of his way for you a lot of the time. He has other things he needs to do or desires to do for himself, but instead he spends his time with you ("helping you", of course).

2.) He always tries to make you laugh

Laughter is one of the great aphrodisiacs, and men instinctively know this. Even men who are not good looking, not rich, not advanced at being "handy", and not athletic, but who make women laugh consistently, get the hot girls time and time again and men know it.

There's more than one way to attract a woman and the vast majority of men know this. The tell-tale sign here will be that he goes out of his way to try to make you laugh when you're really down in the dumps. Also, he just loves making you laugh as often as possible, and he clearly puts effort into learning new jokes and other ways of being funny around you.

How To Tell He Is Into You

How To Tell If He Wants To Be A Friend Or Lover

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