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How to Start a Blog

How to start a blog, briefly explained on this page.

So now that you have been blogging...on other peoples blogs

The next logical step that you may want to know now, is how to create your own blog, especially to promote your business, hobby, web site or for any other idea that you might have in mind.

Creating your own blog is not a hard thing. You don’t have to be a computer geek, nor do you need to acquire specialized knowledge or learn any html or any other programming language.

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If you can type something into your word document, edit that document and be able to print or share it by email then you can be able to run, operate and own your own blog.

As a matter of fact, for an average blogger, it won’t have to cost you a thing. There are free blog sites that can help you set your own blog in a matter of minutes.

The easiest, most convenient and least costly way to have you blog up and running on the internet is by making use of some of the blogging scripts available online.

Some of these scripts come free and you won’t have to do a thing other than signing in for a new account.

But some require a little bit of know-how on how to install, run and manage the server side and operate your web site.

For beginner: How to start a blog
  1. Bloggers.
    Learn more about signing for a free bloggers A/C here.

  2. Typad.
    Typad offers its bloggers both a free and paid account. learn more about all the typad features here.

    If you like the wordpress free script but would rather not deal with all the hosting issues, database, FTP, and more then the guys at may help.

Advanced: How to create a blog.

On the other hand if you like getting dirty and would like to know how the bolts and nuts of installing, running

and modifying a given blog scripts to fit you own unique look and feel, then you might want to consider:

    Read all you need to know on how to start a blog at

  2. Drupal.
    Drupal is a free software that you can use for virtually anything on a web site

Let me be quick to point out that for those who would like to have and maintain a professional or business look and feel, then they might have to factor in the cost associated to domain name registration and web hosting. Nothing is really free...right!

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