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 How to Plan a Party Like a Pro – 10 Step by Step Checklist

The simple truth is that, we all want to attend a party that is fun, memorable, eye-catching and full of cool and lively people. You know,

I don't know about you, but, I'm yet to find a single person on earth, who's too excited and thrilled because of attending a boring party.

Now, listen,

If your goal is to throw an outstanding birthday party, wedding or holiday party or perhaps a baby shower...

Then, the simple fact - that we all must understand is that, planning a party which will be enjoyable for everyone in attendance and that will be fondly remembered for years to come takes a lot of work and in particular, a lot of planning. Planning your party well in advance helps ensure that you'll be able to make your party a smash success by avoiding the hectic, time consuming and disorganization that often ruin most parties.

How to Plan a Party - Share Your Story

The best party event ever was a beach party on the sand in Rhode Island. It was the best party I have ever been to, I had a lot of fun and so did my friends. It was sponsored by a local radio station and a popular clamshack on the beach.

It was 21+ because alcohol was served. Coronas and Margaritas. The dress code was beach attire. Guys in board shorts and tank tops, girls in beach dresses and sarongs. Everyone was barefoot and in sandals or flip flops. The party started early at 7 PM so it was still a little bit light outside as it was the end of June.

The party started with a clambake. That's a New England feast of clam chowed, steamed lobsters, corn on the cob and baked potatoes. There were also hors d'oeuvres like stuffed quahogs, scallops wrapped in bacon, calamari, and shrimp cocktail served. After the clambake the crowd made its way down to the waters edge.

The beach was lit with tiki torches and a bonfire. There was a DJ playing dance hits and a dance floor assembled on the sand. The weather was amazing. It had been in the 90's that day and was still 80 degrees at night, but the sea breeze made it nice.

The moon and stars reflected off of the ocean beautifully. I saw so many people I hadn't seen since college, it was a very popular event. I had so much I completely lost track of time, we ended up staying until the very end at 2 AM.

It was the best party event I have ever been to, my friends agreed with me. We still talk about it to this day and it was 5 summers ago. The same restaurant is hosting another party in July, we will definitely be going to it! Do you have a great tip on how to plan a party?

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Submitted by Nichole, Fort Worth, Tx

 How to Plan a Party step by step

Dinner Party

It's easier to throw any kind of party when you break down the large task of having a party into smaller, more manageable steps which can be taken on, one at a time. This not only makes planning fun but also enables one to be able to plan ahead, by focusing on small but often overlooked details that brings about a real difference.

Below, you are about to read "10 remarkable tips on how to plan a party event" that is fun and cost effective.

One: Choose Your Location

Before you decide on anything else, you need to know where your party will take place. This will influence how many guests you'll be able to accommodate, what kind and how much food and drink you'll need for everyone and almost everything else about your party.

You could choose to have your party at your home, a friend's home, a rented space such as a hall or restaurant banquet room, in your backyard or anywhere else. Depending on the weather, you might find indoor or outdoor to be a better choice for your party.

Two: Decide On a Theme

Not every party needs to be a theme party, but you do need to decide on what kind of party you want to put on - you may want to have a dance party, a backyard barbecue, a cocktail party or of course, a theme party of some sort or another.

If the theme for your party isn't well thought out, then everyone at your party (including yourself) will have less of a good time than they would otherwise. If the theme or the type of party you're having will require some sort of special preparation on the part of your guests, make sure to let them know about this as far ahead of time as possible so that they can be ready to have a good time there.

Three: How to Plan a Party by Setting Your Budget

You need to make sure that you know exactly how much you have to spend on your party; decide on your budget early on and stick to it. When you know what you have in terms of resources, then you'll be able to make wise choices about your party planning and avoid running into nasty surprises later on.

Four: How to Plan a Party by Setting the Date

When it comes to “how to plan a party for your friends, family or coworkers” this is by far the most simple and pretty straight step to do; just choose a date and time when all (or at least most) of the guests you plan to invite will be able to make it. Remember that the holiday season is busy, so be sure to ask friends well in advance if you're planning a holiday event.

Five: Make Your List and Invitations

Put together a list of the guests you'd like to invite and either buy or make invitations to send. You could also choose to save time, money and paper by emailing your invitations (and there are plenty of websites which allow you to send invitations by email free of charge). Make sure to include all of the information that your guests will need, such as the date, time and where to RSVP. Be sure to send out invitations at least a few weeks in advance to give your guests time to plan to attend.

How to Plan a Party for Independence Day celebration

The Best Party Event Ever by: A.Davis

I attended a fantastic Independence Day celebration with my family, friends, and neighbors. I also helped my neighbor to organize the part by ordering party favors online, and booking the entertainment a few weeks ago.

I recommend for anyone who wants to plan a party to send out invitations early and to be adequately prepared for any size crowd that may attend. This will increase the guest attendance and ensure that the host is capable of handling the crowd.

We set up all of the decorations early that morning. My neighbor’s home and backyard was fully adorned with vibrant colors and streamers to reflect the festivity in the air! About sixty guests who were invited attended, but about twenty other neighbors who had their relatives with them simply walked up to enjoy the fun with us.

The party was designed to have something interesting for adults and thrilling for children to do as well. There were plenty of barbeque, beverages, and snacks for all, and indoors the adults enjoyed a few cocktails and laughs during lively conversation and music. There was even some live entertainment there for the kids, as a clown visited for a couple of hours and made all kinds of fascinating objects out of balloons, paper, and other materials.

Party favors and sparklers were passed out to everyone, and the kids played a few games and won small prizes. When it started to get really hot outside, some of the adults and children who had swimming gear under their clothing fled for the pool. The rest of us were able to sit in the shade, near two industrial strength fans which helped us all to keep cool outside without staying indoors unless we wished to.

The children also got the chance to set off small fireworks at dusk, and the adults launched the bigger fireworks for everyone to watch. We have a great and friendly community here that can really appreciate a good time. I think that anyone who hopes to plan a really good event has to keep in mind guests of all ages because some people may not be able to come if their children cannot enjoy it with them.

It was the best party event ever! I am sure that all of the guests will be raving about it for the next few days. I believe a memorable party for any occasion is a worthwhile investment because we only live once, and a fabulous event will go down in one’s memory for all time.

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How to Plan a Party on a budget

How to Plan a Party for kids and teenagers
How to Plan a Party Six: Drink and Party Food Recipes

Once you know how many people are coming, you can plan out your food and drink for the party. Get a list of ingredients together if you'll be catering your own party so that you can do your shopping before the day arrives.

Don't forget to have beverages as well as snacks (even if you're also serving a meal at your party) for your guests; you'll also want to make sure to have enough silverware, plates and cups on hand. You can rent dinnerware if you need more dishes and don't like the waste of disposable plates and plastic ware.

Seven: Entertainment and Activities

The type of party you’re planning will largely determine what activities and/or entertainment you provide for your guests; a dance party, naturally, will need some space cleared for dancing as well as someone providing music.

A children's party will need games and so on - whatever kind of party you plan to have, make sure that the entertainment and activities are appropriate for the occasion.

Eight: Music

You'll want to play music which is a good fit for the party's theme and/or your guests' tastes. You can choose music from your own collection, hire a DJ or have a friend handle the music for your party.

Nine: Finishing Touches

If the party will be held at your home, then you'll want to clean up a day or two ahead of time and the day of the party, you'll need to decorate, make sure the food and drinks are ready and all of the other last minute things which throwing a party involves. This part involving finishing touches on how to plan a party is going to be a little hectic, but if you've planned everything else ahead of time, it won't be too bad.

If you're having your party somewhere other than your home, make sure to get there a few hours early to get everything ready and give yourself a little time to relax before your guests begin to arrive.

Ten: Be a Host or Hostess

You've got this part; if you've planned well, then everything should be ready to go and all you'll need to do is greet your guests as they arrive, mingle and generally make sure that everyone is enjoying themselves at your party. Just relax and allow yourself to have fun and everyone else will as well.

That is it for now. I'm sure the above 10 tips on how to plan a party will get you started on the right track.

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