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how to plan a party on a budget

how to plan a party on a budget

If you begin your preparations for a party by setting your budget, you will have a few advantages. One is that you will know exactly what the cost is. A good party doesn't have to be expensive, but when you plan ahead, you'll be able to get the very best results from the money you have to spend, even if your budget is limited.

Begin by making a list of all of the things that you will need for your party. You may want to make this in the form of a table. In the first column, you can put the following:

1.) The cost of invitations and postage

2.) The cost of renting a space for the party (unless you plan to have the party at home)

3.) The cost of renting equipment for the party; you may want to break this down by each individual item needed

4.)The cost of decorations

5.) The cost of food and beverage

6.) The cost of entertainment for the party

7.) The cost of hiring any staff needed (catering staff, bartenders, cleaners, set up crew, etc.)

how to plan a party on a budget

In the second column, you can list your estimated budget, with a price range for each item. The minimum should be the smallest amount you anticipate the item costing, the maximum being the most that you're willing to spend on the item in question. Step by step checklist - how to plan a party on a budget

In a third column, you can list the amount actually spent on the item. The more formal the party and the larger the guest list, the more things there will be to purchase and the higher the total cost of the party will be. For instance, the budget for a wedding will be higher than it will for an informal get-together.

There will be costs like the wedding dress, transportation, florist's bills, tuxedo rental (if applicable) and so on that you won't see with other parties. However, when you're careful with your budgeting, there won't be any unpleasant surprises when you total everything up.

If you're going to hire an event planner to help you get ready for your party, then you should figure out your budget before your first meeting. This will let the event planner know exactly what they have to work with, so they will know what you can afford and what you can't.

Keep in mind that a larger budget does not necessarily mean a better party. You will have a better party by using your imagination and making wise choices about how to allocate the resources you have. The following are a few tips which can help you to have a great party without breaking the bank:

how to plan a party on a budget

1.) Make your own invitations and send them by email or hand deliver them if you can

2.) Use balloons as the main element of your party. You can rent a helium tank and inflate them yourself. You can also use flowers from your own garden as decorations if possible

3.) If your home is spacious enough for your party, hold it there

4.) Provide your own food and drink for the party or have an afternoon party where guests won't expect a full meal to be served

5.) Borrow chairs and tables from family and friends; if you can, get people you know to help set things up and offer to return the favor when they host a party

6.) Hire teenagers or other local entertainers to provide the entertainment for children's parties

With some careful budgeting, you can have a successful party without putting too much of a strain on your personal finances.

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