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How to know if he wants to be more than friends

How to know if he wants to be more than friends

You've been friends with your special guy for a while now. You guys seem to spend a lot of time together. You call each other to share the events of your day, good or bad. You truly enjoy this person as a friend and you respect and admire them as a human being. It was only matter of time until you realized that your emotions towards your good buddy were going to blossom into something more.

But what about him, does he have any deeper feelings for you that go beyond friendship? Despite how obvious it is to you that you two need to be together, how is he feeling about you? Is there really any chance of a love connection between you two? Is it really possible to go further with him without losing him altogether?

Are there ways that you can tell that his emotions for you go much further beyond friendship? Actually, there are in fact methods to find out if you are just hoping for the best, or if he really is ready to take the next step into romance.

The great thing about guys is that they aren't half as complicated as women tend to think. While there are those out there who thrive on playing mind games, for the most part guys are extremely easy to read when it comes to figuring out whether or not they are interested. The bottom line for guys is that if they are interested, they will make things clear.

For example, if he clears his schedule to spend time with you, if he takes you out on real dates, if he openly flirts, if he makes romantic gestures, then he's interested in you and want more from you than just being friendship.

However, if his behavior is ambivalent, if he seem to be uncomfortable with romantic gestures and if you're not his first priority over all of his other contact and obligations, then he's not interested in anything more than just friendship. Don't make the mistake of believing that if you turn up the heat, then he'll get the message. He's already gotten the message; he's just not interested in anything more than friends.

How to know if he wants to be more than friends

How To Tell If He Wants To Be A Friend Or Lover

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