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How to know if he is into you

How to know if he is into you

Have you been wondering whether or not a guy friend of yours is actually sexually attracted to you?

Perhaps you kind of like this guy who has been such a good friend to you and you can't help it but wonder and hope that he too, is attracted to you! The only problem though is, you just don't know for sure if he attracted to you or he is just being a good friend, he is always been. Something that you've now come to like and resent about him at the same time!

Now instead of sitting there, wondering about it all day long and not getting to do anything about it, this page is here to help you. You actually will get to know if that male friend of yours is really into you or he is just trying to be a good friend.

Men are supposed to be the "aggressors" in the dynamic between the sexes, but the fact is that there are many shy guys who are afraid of telling a woman that they are sexually attracted. Guys don't care for rejection any more than gals do! When it comes to matters of love and intimacy, in general, guys are actually no less sensitive than gals are. (Male aggression and the societal expectations place upon males to show emotional stoicism often cover up this fact.)

As a matter of fact, the truth is that a lot of guys out there get scared to approach a woman they are attracted to because they fear rejection. So, just as women often try to flirt "surreptitiously", on the one hand unable to help themselves but on the other hand not wanting to, well, men often flirt surreptitiously, too. They may secretly even be trying to hold back the display of their emotions but find their sex drive or romantic feelings getting the best of them.

Although they very often pretend otherwise, women tend to find men just as mysterious as men tend to find women. So, we are back to our question. How can you tell if a guy whom you are friends with truly desires to be more than just friends, but he's not coming out and telling you? Let's look at seven signs.

How to know if he is into you

How To Tell If He Wants To Be A Friend Or Lover

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