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How to Conquer Your Fears in Three Simple Steps

Fear comes from uncertainty. When we are absolutely certain, whether of our worth or worthlessness, we are almost impervious to fear. Thus a feeling of utter unworthiness can be a source of courage. Eric Hoffer

How to Conquer Your Fears in Three Simple Steps

Have you ever felt fear so strongly that you felt trapped in it, and you couldn’t make a move towards something that you needed to do? Many people face this type of fear.

  • Fear is a dream killer,
  • Fear will keep you from taking needed risk, or becoming successful,
  • Excessive fear can chip away at the quality of your life,
  • Excessive fear will keep you trapped and miserable.

What people need to understand is that, “fear” is a conditioned response. It's a natural reaction to an unfamiliar situation. There are things that you can do to overcome fear however.

1.) Look at your expectations

One of the major components of fear is expecting the worst. Do you feel like you constantly have a black cloud over your head? Do you always think about what could go wrong, instead of focusing on your assets and strengths? You should try to be more optimistic. If you practice this, you'll find yourself less fearful. Even during the times that fear creeps in, you can balance it out with confident.

2.) Reject your fears

Most of the things that we fear are false expectations. What you have to do is to sit down with yourself, and analyze if what you fear is really going to come to pass. You might fear many things even up to death, but very rarely will those things happen. Even if you try something and make mistakes, you can learn from your missteps. Maybe you can journal the incident the way that things went down and then you can see in black and white the areas of growth that you need.

3.) Face your fears

Fear isn't a scary monster. It's just a feeling. It can't really harm you; it's only false expectations that seem to be real. The best way to overcome this is to challenge the fearful expectations. Think about possible outcomes, and the likelihood of anything coming to pass like you have in your mind.

Those three tips will help you conquer your fears, again, It's true that you shouldn't throw caution to the wind, and that you should use good judgment and common sense. But don't let yourself be crippled with fear.

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