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How to Connect with People Social Networking Sites

When it comes to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and the like, the key is to know "how to connect with people." On these sites, people won't find you on a whim - they need to be drawn to you.

One of three things will draw them in:

  1. Your profile picture,
  2. Your interests/activities/etc.,
  3. And your location.

All other things - your applications, your events, your stickers and games are fun, but won't help you make friends online.

People are looking for other people with whom they can connect. If they see you both like the same TV show, have seen the same movie or are both the same religious denomination, then they're more likely to contact you. Likewise, if you see someone with these similarities, you have more of a basis to connect with them on, thus giving you a better chance of eventually becoming online friends.

As far as your profile picture goes, people will likely not pay attention if the picture isn't of you. Sure, it's fun to put a picture of something funny, or a nice landscape, or a famous person, but these pictures don't show you, and don't really tell anyone anything about you. By putting a picture of yourself as your profile picture, it shows that you're willing to put a piece of yourself out there - the first step to making an online friend on one of these sites.

By taking this first step, you show everyone else that you're willing to be friendly and be honest, and they'll know that they can do the same.

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