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How Important are Friends to You?

by Joseph

How Important are Friends to You?

How Important are Friends to You?

Do you think friends are really necessary? If you replied with a resounding and an immediate YES to this question what is the reason for such a definite response?

After all, you are a busy person at work during the week and you have all your family around you when you are not at work, so why do you think friends are so important?

As Friendship Day is just around the corner many of us begin to give some consideration to the relationships we have with our friends. We take many things in life for granted but the friendships we form over the years should be treated like living things requiring nurturing and watering in order to remain in a healthy condition and blossom even more.

The reason we all need friends is to be able to share our thoughts and feelings with another person. And that doesn't only mean the good ones - it means the not so good ones too. Our true friends need to be cared for and shown exactly how much, as individuals, they are valued by us.

The social animal side of our personalities dictate that we like to be a part of a group setting and we are talking about gatherings other than or family members here.

Having said that, according to you; do you think friends are important or necessary and if so why?

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