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Honesty is the Best Policy

by Nawazish

Well women definitely have been more faithful as well as truthful compared to men, for a long time now. However this trend seems to be changing lately.

Remember it takes two to tango. Therefore a lot also depends on the kind of men they are in a relationship with. Most women are willing to make it work as long as they know, that they can depend on their partner for support and love in their relationships. It is also about finding the right partner, who will match your strengths and makeup for your weaknesses.

It is therefore imperative that one must not lie about who they really are in their profile. They must also be truthful about their partner expectations, so that no one feels cheated later on.

These days there are unlimited choices and options in all spheres of life, therefore the newer generation does not value what they have, as much as the older generation did. We are therefore seeing a rising number of cheating and separation cases.

Women today are definitely exercising their freedom and independence more openly. But one needs to remember that Grass always looks greener from the other side.

One should be honest with their partner about their future plans. If they do not see a long term committed relationship with them, it is better to be truthful about it, rather than pretending to be madly in love with them and then cheating them behind their back. Never forget what goes around comes around.

Honesty is therefore the best policy in any relationship, irrespective of your sex.

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Sep 23, 2010
Very thoughtful
by: Daisy

Hi, I really loved reading your article. It is thought provoking and very apt. Best wishes

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